Refinance Your Home: With rates this LOW, can you afford NOT to call us?

Looking for Mortgage Financing or to refinance your home? It's easy at Commonfund Mortgage!

Refinance today with easy qualification and you could realize substantial savings for only a few minutes of your time. Just fill out a Free No Obligation request for a quote. A Commonfund Mortgage Refinance Specialist will contact you and answer all your questions. Then just finish your application and get your confirmation. It's that simple!

Find the Right Loan

Mortgage refinancing means finding the right loan at the right rate with the right lending institution. Here at Commonfund Mortgage, our job is to connect you with the right loan specialist to meet your refinancing needs. When you fill out our FREE No Obligation Quote request, every effort will be put forward to provide you the options to find the perfect offer you can be satisfied with.

Quick Facts About Home Refinancing

  • Recently the interest rates have dropped enough to make refinancing worthwhile for anyone, even if you just bought your home recently.
  • Make sure you shop around and get quotes from different lenders since rates can vary greatly.
  • After comparing interest rates and the total costs of refinancing you should see that refinancing can save you money.
  • You can get better interest rates if your monthly expenses are lower, making you a better credit risk.
  • You can eliminate mortgage insurance payments if the value of your home has increased.
  • Your credit report should improve by changing lenders, since this will show your old loan as being paid off.
  • When you refinance, you can still deduct your mortgage payments.
  • Using the extra money from your home refinance to pay off debts may allow you to increase your tax deduction.